About your Photographer

When I was 7 years old, my father brought back pictures he'd taken during his first Canadian Fishing Trip. I remember pictures of a sign pointing to the lake they would fish, pictures of men pointing to the sign, and pictures of men taking pictures of the sign. "Wow, great pictures, Dad!", I snickered. His reply: "Well, if you think you can do better, you take the pictures on our next family vacation!"

He had no idea what he started. The following year, I was the family vacation photographer - and I was hooked.

At 13, I had my own 35mm camera and spent most of my free hours shooting, developing, and printing pictures in the darkroom I'd rigged up in my Parents' basement. Four years later, I picked up my first Professional Medium Format camera - with a film size 4x larger and sharper than the standard 35mm. By age 19, I had photographed my first wedding.

After a number of years playing music professionally, and later passing the State Bar, I decided to devote myself to Photography full-time. For over a dozen years, I was an Associate Photographer - and later, Senior Photographer - for an elite Wedding Photography Studio in the Detroit suburbs.

In a day in which modern "point and shoot" enthusiasts seem to offer little more than "family backyard gettogether" snaps, my goal and philosophy is simple:

To create incredibly well-crafted Wedding Images
which are unmatched in the Mid-Michigan area.

Wedding Photography Pricing

Wedding Photography Packages start at only $995 and range up to our Signature Package with an investment of just over $3,000. Because your Wedding Package will be custom-taylored to fit your specific needs, a quick call or email is most helpful in determining which Package is right for you. Call us at 517-285-3688 rcharlesphoto@tds.net